A Great Finish Starts with Smart Thinking

Mass finishing can be described as integrating process, chemistry, equipment, and media. Luckily, Hubbard-Hall has decades of experience doing exactly that. We’ve been helping manufacturers remove burrs, improve surface quality, clean, descale, and deflash across a wide range of needs and applications. Working directly with your team, our engineers will help you identify the best way to meet your needs. And we’ll always do so with an eye for saving you time and money along the way.

Synergy Between Elements

Hubbard-Hall manufactures a full line of mass finishing compounds designed to work synergistically with the correct equipment and media:

Equipment Types: oblique barrel, vibratory bowl or tubs, centrifugal barrel
Media Types: ceramic, plastic, metal, organic

Mass Finishing Compounds

  • Cleaning Compounds: Designed to remove undesirable surface contamination from parts. The appropriate compound is matched with the metal being cleaned & media being used.
  • Descaling Compounds: Used to remove scale, rust, and oxides from metallic surfaces by using either acidic or alkaline compounds.
  • Deburring Compounds: Designed to assist burr removal by keeping the parts and media clean. Also provides corrosion resistance to the parts and media when required.

Aluminum Mass Finishing Products

ProductpHPowder or LiquidProcess
Lusterbrite AC 10AcidicLiquidBurnishing, Deburring,
Cleaning & Brightening
Lusterlume NIXINeutralLiquidBurnishing & Deburring
Lusterbrite CBAAcidicLiquidDescaling, Cleaning & Brightening
Acid Brite 50AcidicLiquidDescaling

Copper Mass Finishing Products

ProductpHPowder or Liquid Process
CopperbriteAcidicLiquidDescaling & Brightening
Lusterbrite 650 BAcidicLiquidDescaling
AcidicLiquidDescaling, Cleaning & Brightening
Emerald ICP 1Mildly Alkaline LiquidCleaning, Brightening & Burnishing
Aquaease PL 72 A32neutralLiquidCleaning, Brightening & Burnishing

Carbon (Mild) Steel Mass Finishing Products

ProductpHPowder or Liquid Process
Aquamil XLSAcidicLiquidAccelerated Surface Refinement
Aquamil XRM AcidicPowder/LiquidAccelerated Surface Refinement
Burn CPD 91Mildly AlkalineLiquidBurnishing
Metal Guard 800-DMildly Alkaline LiquidBurnishing
Lusterbrite 650BMildly AlkalineLiquidBurnishing

Stainless Steel Mass Finishing Products

ProductpHPowder or LiquidProcess
Emerald Acid Clean #1AcidicLiquidCleaning, Burnishing & Brightening
Lusterbrite CBAAcidicLiquidCleaning, Deoxidizing & Descaling (Steel)

Zinc and Pewter Mass Finishing Products

ProductpHPowder or Liquid Process
Lusterclean 40 LFMildly AlkalineLiquidBurnishing & Deburring
Lusterlume NIXIMildly AlkalineLiquidBurnishing, Deburring & Brightening

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